About my car

I bought this car in August 2015, as a convenience buy. I was in need of a car, and this popped up for 450$, and as a VW enthusiast I was ready for the challenge. Since then it has been constant work, whether to make it look nicer, or fixing bits that had never been touched. Almost everyone in my Family has helped with different aspects, whether it was getting my Japanese imported wheels to fit properly, making my custom badgeless grille, suspension modifications, sound system, or the very Controversial power Mazda RX7 fender mounted mirrors. More will be done, as I can afford such, but it's been only a year to get this far.

  • This car was made in 2001 and I've driven it since 2015
  • The Volkswagen Golf Mk3 was in production from 1991 to 2002
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