About my car

I bought the car from Legendary Motorcar in Canada in August this year and they delivered it to me September 22nd just a couple of days ago. This is a 2013 SS SLP ZL600. The car was built by SLP as a demo for the 2012 SEMA Show to showcase their new TVS 2300 supercharger. Pics 2 - 8 are from the SEMA show, pics 1,9 & 10 are pictures that Legendary had on their website. I've only had the car as I said for a few days so I don't have a lot of photo's as of yet. Photo 11 is the car coming off the truck when it was delivered to me and the rest are the only photos I have so far.

This is my first Camaro and my first supercharged car! The car is pretty darn quick but I really haven't even pushed it yet, still feelin' her out. So far I'm very pleased with my decision to pull the trigger and get this Black Beauty in my garage.

Equipment wise, TVS 2300 supercharger, exhaust SLP long tube headers with x-pipe high flow cats and loudmouth II axleback, six speed manual w/SLP short throw shifter, SLP black chrome red line wheels 20"x9" fronts 20"x10.5" rears and a bunch of SLP appearance goodies.

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Out for a ride


Because I just washed her ....

Car Wash

!!! UPDATE !!!


UPDATE !!! Another "Rattle Can" painting project .....


!!! UPDATE !!! Rattle Can Paint Job ????


Back at the tuners .....


At the Tuners again ...

Air Intake

Drivn The Dragon


Cold Air Inductions

Air Intake

Well she's baaaaack.....