About my car

For a long time ive always wanted a Honda civic Si since i saw the 1999-2000 Civic Si Years ago. My goal at some point was to own one regardless of the year it was. Fast Forwarding to 2010 i was in a pretty bad accident when i was 19 of age and i had lost my previous car. The month of april comes by and myself and my co-singer (mother) went to go looking for a car at our local honda dealership. A saleman approches me and he was asking if i had anything i was looking for specifically and i said yes indeed. im looking for a civic si. he procceded to tell me that the new line of civic si wont be coming in till 3-6month later, but he will check the area incase. long and behold they had one instock that was just traded in and wasnt 2 days old on the lot.

So we got the keys and test drove. while test driving i was smiling from ear to ear and when i got back my mother instantly saw how happy i was with this car and we went again with number running. after being at the dealer till almost 10pm i signed the paperwork and it was mine!
Now i didnt waste any time on modifying my car because i knew exactly what i wanted. i got my fog lights installed first then basic power mods then over 6 years i finally got it to where i currently wanted it. i still have more to do! next up is a turbo kit for this bad boy.

IF you want to see more progress incase i dont update here. Follow me on instagram @ killinem_allmotor

Current Mod List:


Flashpro (Tuned By W00T692)

-Hybrid-Racing intake-Skunk2
Megapower H
eader Ceramic Coated

-3in Full Race Exhaust

RBC (Ported by Kris @ Hybrid-Racing)

-Trac tuff RBC Water Neck
-ZDX Thorttle Body(J37)

-RDX 410 Injectors0-Drag
Cartel 2.2 Camshafts

-Go-Power 100lb Valvetrain

Stage 4 6 Puck Clutch

-Competition Ultralight flywheel

(Civic Type R ) Oil Pump Converison
-HR Short Shifter

-HR Shifter


-HR Oil Cap

-HR Radiator Cap

Mounts with Hasport Rear


Shift Knob/OEM FD2 Shift knob

-Custom Shift Boot

-Red Honda
Steering Wheel Badge


H1 Mini Projectors with the Ethlar's custom shroud with 4300k

-Retrofitted ES300 Foghlight with LED Bulbs-Nokya
DRL/Highbeam 3000k

-JDM Front Emblem-JDM Rear Emblem

Front Lip
-HFP Side Skirts

-HFP Rear Lip-Honda Roof

-Mugen Visor's-K-Playground Rear Window Visor

Mugen RR Carbon Fiber Hood


-BC Racing Coilovers

-Skunk2 Camber Arms V2-Enkei RPF1
17x9+45 Wraped in Yokohama S-Drives 235/40-17 (Summer)

Wheels Wraped in Falken Azenis PT-722 225/45/17 (Winter)
-Hawk Hps
Front and rear pads

-OE premium front Rotors-Goodrich Stainless
Steel brake lines.

-Yospeed Rear tie bar

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In car Windows Tablet


2016 Paint Correction

Paint job

2015 8thcivic Dyno Day


Modifications of 2015


Modifications of 2014


Modifications of 2013


Modifications of 2012


Modifications of 2011


Modifications Of 2010


Lexus es300 fog lights

Fog Lights