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so about 3 years ago i had a 95 eclipse, nothing special just enough to get around. my son had just turned 2 and my wife had told me that i had to get a bigger car....boy was she in for a surprise lol. i had only owned 3 different vehicles in my life time and ive had my dream car only once before...the 81 cadillac seville. long story short i got stuck with the eclipse.

i had told my wife many times before that "if i ever see or get the opportunity to get my cadillac back, i will sell whatever i got to get that car" within a week i had sold the eclipse for about 1300 bucks and from there i hit craigslist....i had found my car....the 81 cadillac seville for a measily 800 bucks....

now i had 1300 bucks burnin a hole in my pocket for this car so i called the guy right away......he had told me that i could come get it the next day, that night i couldnt sleep...

so the next day me and my buddy go to pick this car up and the gentleman tells me its been sitting for 8 years and that he doesnt know if it will run, i tell him if i can get it running i will drive it home...

from there i start working on the car, gas, oil, coolant, check the plugs and wires and all of a sudden my buddy yells for me to come and check this out from the guy's garage. i mosey my way over there and the older gent is taking a tarp off of an indy car that was on stilts in his garage....."my name is Floyd Sable. im an ex indy car racer..."

from there i was in awe because when i looked around his garage he had photos of him racing in various parts of the country and he srarted talking about my now new car....

"yea i bought brand new in 81 for my wife, had troubles with the diesel so i swapped it out for the 74 olds 350 gas. my wife passed in the late 90's and i drove it for a little while and parked it."

so i gave him the honors for starting the car after it sat for so long and after a few minutes of trying it started right up....

flash to present, i have fixed a bunch of things on it, since it was a diesel it has the hydroboost brake system with disk brakes all around and a set of 18 inch bentchi rims that i got for a trade. the engine is stock accept for the carb which is the 600 performer series edelbrok. and the interior needs work but it has transformed into a vehicle that gets looks from all ages.

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