About my car

My car is not necessarily one of a kind, there are certainly many like it, but as you guessed, this one is mine.

I got the car literally as a 21st birthday present to myself. Trading in an old v6 from 2014 that had sparked my interest in American muscle cars. While having that car I learned the differences between a regular SS Camaro and the 1LE. I had to have one.

Conveniently enough my dealership had this car sitting in the showroom several months after I had purchased my v6, the bright red brembos, the deep ZL1 wheels, it was everything I wanted my car to be

So a year later, when I decided that car had been siting on a lot for too long I woke up, drove down and bought my dream car.

The car itself remains mostly stock for the moment with the addition to some barely legal window tint and the z28 spoiler, however there are plans to continue it along as a soon to be track day monster, with long tube headers and a camshaft in the plans it one day will hopefully be something I could only dream about.

Car of the Day winner ()

New tires!


Z28 wickerbill installed!


New spoiler on the way!


Tow hook installed

Body Kits