Albuquerque, NM

About my car

This old F-150 my grandpa gave me has come a long way. It went from a grandpa truck sitting about 12 inches off the ground to what it is now, this truck was the first thing I learned how to drive standard on it wasn't easy in this truck but in my dads little ranger it was a hell of a lot easier but over time I got used to the grabbing points of the clutch and how much gas I gotta give er and all that, it sat stock height for all of its life then in September of 2016 I had ordered a 4 inch rough country lift kit that I had worked all summer for then rims and tires came along in December. The truck has a stock 5.0 which is going to get taken out and gonna be replaced with a 347 stroker with a Holley efi kit it’s also gonna get a set of weld road hawks I already bought with some boggers hopefully if they are ever in stock and it’s gonna get a Dana 44 swap that I plan on powder coating some if not a lot of the suspension and fox shocks to add on to it with some traction bars and James duff radius arms, who knows when it’ll be complete now that I joined the air force but it will get done and plans might change lol but as of now it’s sittin pretty as always

  • This car was made in 1994 and I've driven it since 1994
  • The Ford F-Series (9th Gen) was in production from 1992 to 1997

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D44 swap

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