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In 95 my mom bought a 95 Dodge Ram , that same year I saw a 1969 shwinn Lowrider bike , she got some goldplating and I got a bike , anyways my mom decided it was on , she added a few things , still wasn't winning the shows ,then I started doing body mods and candy paint , new guts , new juice and a new attitude,, finally the real transformation starts , now it's been featured in countless magazines and won plenty of car shows ...I got a lil addicted ,,with the help of my amazing wife , kids and family 8 years ago I got sobor and my mom gave me our pride and joy ( vehicle wise , ) I'll treasure it forever ...now it's our chance to show off this magical truck ,,

My mom passed away September 5th 2016 just less than a month , and in my moms name I'll put her truck back out , so it can be seen like she intended ,, thanks for letting me compete ..... ~DreamZ~ In memory of Dede jaramillo ,, my mama !!! The last pic is my mamas Harley , she just won best of show with it the day she passed ... She will be greatly missed... I love ya mama



new pics of some overspray removal , on the GR2, this bad mother truck has sat in my paint booth for 13 years , being avoided ,, until now !!get rid of the overspray , and put the juice in , clean those guys and get her running,, New pics in a couple days ... Thank you everyone who loves the truck , and follows it new progress ...

Dreamz og

  • This car was made in 1995 and I've driven it since 1995
  • The Dodge Ram (2nd Gen) was in production from 1994 to 2002
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Success at the show


Memorial “DeDe’s Golden Ram” car show !! Love this truck and miss my mama !!




Nucking futs! Stressful getting ready for da show !!!

Auto Show

DeDe's Golden Ram show

Auto Show

2nd annual DeDe's Golden Ram show

Auto Show

Memorial car show madness


GETINN ready for the show


Hydros to the maximum overdrive of fixedness !! H a h a ....... it's a tough deal ,# ninja stuff


Operation almost clean guts of love