About my car

My name is Andy I've had this beautiful 66 mustang for about 2 1/2 years. I have 2 1966 mustangs i got one around 7 months to a year before this one and due to having water in the radiator when i bought it instead of anti-freeze and a very cold winter the freeze plugs blew and i had to pull the engine.

During the time of the engine being out i discovered it had alot more rust than i had thought. So i had to put her down for restoration. I hated that i wouldnt be able to drive it anytime soon so my aunt and uncle found one a fiew hours away and went and picked it up without my knowledge. I came home one night to thing beautiful blue 1966 mustang coupe in my driveway. They told me they got a great deal on it and they agreed to sell it to me for 3,000 minus the price of parts that i needed for it : new interior, new brake master cylinder. I was more than happy to say yes to the deal and so they gave me the keys and a little bit of work on the brakes and tuning on the carb she ran great. Thats my story on this 1966 mustang coupe.

  • This car was made in 1966 and I've driven it since 2014
  • The Ford Mustang (1st Gen) was in production from 1964 to 1973
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Adapting the straight 6 to a 2 barrel holley.

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