Ford Mustang Pantie dropper

Gainesville, GA
My garage: Previously owned Ford Mustang Pantie dropper

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My 93 foxbody 347 stroker sbf she is on the bottle about 300 shot 12 sec street car factory 4cyl lx by vin # built with my hard earn money not daddy's money Ford racing x302 heads shaved 20 thousandths srp pistions 30 over eagle forged I beam rods with arp bolts eagle forged crank 10.5:1 compression ratio 503 on motor 700hp on the bottle 12 sec street car unless I dump the juice to it high 10s 4.56 Richmond gears 26 in m/t slicks stock 4cyl suspension with rear tubular control arms sub frame connectors fuel cell 300 shot nos wet plate system got the intake to go to the foger system park funnel webbed stage 4 polished intake Ford svo roller rockers flat tap it hydraulic billet roller cam 850 double plumper one to one throttle linkage rpc oil pan mallary high fire vi box full interior car line lock c4 manual valve body red alto clicked 6 stack both drums such are drilled for quicker clutch release 3,500 stall anti ballooning clevar band harden input shafts Detroit locker 8.8 rear end my sleeper lx

  • This car was made in 1993 and I've driven it since 2009
  • The Ford Mustang (3rd Gen) was in production from 1979 to 1993
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