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My car is a 1982 Pontiac Firebird, it's black over gold color with black interior. I had bought the car from an old friend who was mechanic and together we were going to convert so I who's in wheelchair could drive it. Unfortunately his health took his life before we could finish the car. He had swapped out the 305 that had a crack in the block because of the previous owner filed down the piston ring to get more power for his races. We traded block for block and ended up with a 350 Chevy small block and took a 400 Turbo Transmission out of a Chevy suburban. The tranny was so big and heavy he welded a bracket for support and keep it in place. I've had the seats reupholstered and have installed a T bar shifter so I could transfer from seat to driver seat and be able to have my chair with me and not have something in my way. My goal for the car wasnt to just restore her but to show others bound to a wheelchair like me that you don't have to drive such big Vehicles or not so pleasant on the eyes cars and that they (we) could also drive such classics and be able to fit in and still be independent people. One day I hope to finish her and show her off like she deserves and maybe just maybe be able to inspire the next person in a chair or different disability and see what they can do with a little motivation.

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