Bettendorf, IA

About my car

Always wanted a truck when I was kid. Grew up ford, wanted a chevy. Growing up in the north I'd watch these nice trucks plow snow and bury themselves in mud so I had to do the same. She's nothing fancy. She won't crawl mall parking lots, and she won't win any car shows. I like sidewalls over chrome 20s so no fancy rims..but she will work until the works done. Black on black work in progress. 7.5 foot wireless snow way plow moved by 285/75/16 Coopers on pacer rims with a 6.0 v8. Led headlights. Led smoked tails. Color morph l.e.d. under dash and front doors.

I've added tow mirrors and bedlined the bottom. I've also debadged the truck. 2 inch spacers in the back have been added as well with a matte black bed box. 52 inch curved double row l.e.d. autofeel light bar was added as well. The mainyence record surpasses the buying price of truck..imagine that.

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.