About my car

Hi everyone, my name is Charles Carr, I live in a little town called Windsor in Isle of Wight County VA. Grew up with a grandad and dad who had a passion for cars and trucks which was passed down to me. I will say this, some look at my truck and then look at me wondering how I can be 26 years old with a truck that looks like this. Trust me, I don't come from money and there's no such thing as a son that got spoiled by daddy and mommy's money. I have a 12 hour shift job and put my hours in while providing for a family and all the needs and unexpected bills of every middle class American.

Without a further a due, this is my 2008 GMC Sierra SLT 5.3L Vortec everyday driver. My truck has some mechanical and cosmetic work done.

Mechaniclly: GM Performance cold air intake, full exhaust with flowmaster mufflers with side exit dual tips in front of passenger rear tire, shift kit, 5.13 gears with lockers, with a HyperTech tunner tying it all together.

Cosmetially: FabTech 8 inch suspension lift, 20x10 Vision wheels wrapped in 35x12.50 Micky Thompson Baja ATZs, after market black with chrome inlay headlights with 10000k HIDs, LED parking lights, green LED fog lights, green LED interior lights, body has been debadged except GMC emblem in front grille, chrome door handle covers, chrome mirror covers, custom two tone paint, dark blue with blue metal flake on top, silver with silver metal flake on bottom, separating the two tone is a green flame with green metal flake, outer edge of flame was pin striped by hand with orange paint, under the flame there's airbrushed shadowing, the custom paint was carried into the door jams and tailgate jam as well. GMC badge in grille was painted to match the green flame.

Last but not least I have an American flag bandana handing from my rear view mirror to show support for our men and women that serve and have lost their lives for our great country and our freedom

  • This car was made in 2008 and I've driven it since 2015
  • The GMC Sierra (3rd Gen) was in production from 2007 to 2013
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