About my car

2013 Chevrolet 2500HD. Still a work in progress, but I love it so far. Daily driver. 28,xxx milage. Added a leveling kit, bed rails, bull guard, rear wheel well guards, splash guards (fronts were taken off when new wheels and tires were put on), and a mount in the bed to hold the spare tire (new tires are too large for under the bed, gets to close to exhaust). Wheels are 20x12 Fuel Cleavers wrapped in Atturo Trail Blade M/Ts 33x12.5. Future plans include a lift kit, bed liner, blacking out the front grille, headlights, tail lights, cargo light, and cab lights. Rear bumper will be powder coated white as well as the Monster Hook. Possibly a turbocharger in the long run. Thank you for viewing my truck and be sure to vote for me for the Car Of The Day.

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.