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It started innocently enough - we had a car, and Lisa wanted a full size truck again. We needed something to tow the car and the motorcycles to the track. We needed something that could tow the horses to the trails. Maybe we'd even use it to go camping once in a while...

We had outgrown our Jeep phase after 3 Wranglers, and our SUV phase after 2 Expeditions (not neccessarily in that order). We were pretty deep into our street and track performance phase with the FRS, my CBR1000RR and her GSXR750. We'd had a 2wd (gasp!) Tundra before and thought a 4wd would be just the thing.

Tundy was meant to tow our toys around and be Lisa's daily driver. We wouldn't get crazy with customizations and stuff because we just didn't need to - well, I mean, other than the stuff Lisa had on her short list of requirements. "It has to look big and bad and sound mean. And it has to be fast enough to back it up. I don't want some wimpy truck." Yes guys, I won the wife lottery.

We ordered the truck through the dealership and also rolled in a few goodies to make sure it fit the bill as far as Lisa's requirements. TRD intake, BAMufflers straight pipes, a little Bilstein lift, KMC Slide 20" rims (towing), Nitto 34" Terra Grapplers (occasional trail) and that was it. Now we could just leave it alone for a few years and get on with other things.

Biggest. Lie. Ever.

Now we've installed Toytec BOSS coilovers, a TOMAR lightbar, James Baroud Roof Top Tent on a custom AVID bed rack, 37x13.5" Falken tires on 18" Level 8 Guardians, Kenwood HAM radio, LED bedlights, ARB awning and room, deleted the sway bar, cut a bunch of metal to clear the tires, put 14 holes in the roof for lights and HAM antenna...

Most of our build in the past 6 months has been focused on getting us outdoors and camping with our two dogs. The tent we chose fits all four of us pretty comfortably and opens in about 1 minute - ready to sleep. If we want to, we can deploy the ARB awning and room to add 50 square feet of living space - not that we're ever in one place long enough to use it very much. Our typical trip is overland style, or as we've come to call it "Speed Glamping". We meet some friends at a designated location and do some off roading until we find a good spot to camp. Eat dinner, shower, drink, and sleep. Get up in the morning and pack after breakfast so we can get on the trails again. Drive around all day until we make a new camp that night. Rinse and repeat for a few days.

From April to September 2016 we've been on 8 trips totaling 21 days of off road travel and camping over about 5,000 miles.

We still have a long list of things to engineer/buy/build/install in order to improve our Speed Glamping lifestyle:

Onboard fridge

Onboard water

Onboard nitrogen to pressurize the water system, inflate tires, charge shocks and run airtools for the car at the racetrack

Some more lights

Additional fuel storage

Rear suspension

Dedicated GPS

More time on the trail :)

  • This car was made in 2014 and I've driven it since 2014
  • The Toyota Tundra (II) has been in production since 2007
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