About my car

My first love. We had just went back to school after Christmas break. Walking home that day I seen in my friends driveway his Dad had just bought a new car! It was red all brand new. Lifted in the back, shinny new rims, hood scoop, wing in the back, louvers on the back window, black stripes on the hood and trunk, a wide chrome and aluminum strip going from front to back wheel well! That's right he just bought a brand new 1970 Mach 1. I walked around that car for at least a hr! When I left I was hooked. I said to myself, I'm going to get me one one day! I was 8. 9 years later I bought my first. Ten years from then I bought my second from the same guy!. I lost them both. The first was sold from underneath me! The second I had to sale to help support my family. That was twenty five years ago on the second. Not very many has had the chance to own one, much less two! This is my third. Thanks to the Good Lord and with the Good Lords help I can keep this one. It's been a long time coming. I bought this one in the first of august 2016. This has been a full restoration from bumper to bumper. New quarter panels, doors, fenders, floor pans, hood and deck lid. 65% new parts and the rest restored and rebuilt! I've been putting it back together but it's been very testing build, sense I picked the car up in pieces mixed with 69 parts he had. And every thing he had for it was wrong or didn't work! Even though I'm still enjoying and having a great time with this build! Hope I can upload more pics of this build. 1970 Mach 1 calypso corral, 351 C 4 V, Hurst top loader 4 speed. I named her The Red Baron! Hope she flies again soon!

The Red Baron strikes again!!


Exhausting !


All Fired Up!


This is a first.

Batteries & Power

Turning a few more bolts!


Not much progress this weekend!


Putting life back in! The Mach 1.


My first love