About my car

For Sale $17,000 Ottawa Ontario

I had the opportunity to purchase this 1979 Thunderbird with a Vision of how I want her to turn out. Vehicle came with hydraulics and 1/2 job interior that was is the worst condition imaginable with cuts in the fabric & missing panels throughout . I then spent time researching parting out vehicles of the 7th generation. I driven over 10 hours in some cases to find the original parts to complete this interior. I then had the opportunity to meet a few fellow LOWRIDER that help bring this car back to life. With replacement of ever ball joint tire rod bushing imaginable . After a year n 1/2 of working on her she was finally ready to hit the streets, soon after I wanted to take the car to the next level so by myself I decided I wanted to paint the belly ! I started removing the rear end and controls arms scraping 37 year old gunk off the body with a 2" scrapper, yea all work prep done by hand and a small grinder, sweat n tears on a daily basis that trained me to understand the vehicle and how the hydraulics system works . all this work was done on my buddy Dave farm, I barely ever held a wrench in my life so when I decided I was gonna take part in this next level built I was nervous. Running my own business & being a husband with 2 kids age time was difficult but I managed. It took 6 months but the finish results was like a dream come true. This is why I call her the Ghettobird , backyard built with a dream in mind

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