Utica, NY
My garage: Dodge Ram

About my car

I will only drive a dodge product. It's been one of the best trucks I've bought.

Pic number 10 is the day I bought her..

Pic 11 is the winter tires I run....grapplers

Pic 8 the 20 inch wheels I run during the summer... goodyear wrangler's.. she came with the stock 17 but I bought these to run in the summer. Chrome wheels don't agree with upstate NY winter's...

Pic 6 replaced the stock tail lights with L.e.d's

Pic 5 replaced the stock headlights with blacked out headlights bought from lmc trucks. Put on a new front bumper and billet grill pic 15....

  • This car was made in 2003 and I've driven it since 2013
  • The Dodge Ram (3rd Gen) was in production from 2001 to 2009

New hood,grill,bumper


Old blue a work in progress...