Colorado Springs, CO
My garage: Toyota Tundra

About my car

This is how everything starts I had a 2002 Ford F150 in a Ford Expedition so one day I didn't have no money to pay my bills so I decide to sell my truck for cheap I put it for 2500 so I sold my truck then 2 weeks later my Expedition broke down so my wife went to the dealer she was looking to trade her car but she did it instead she called me and she's like babe I found the truck for you and I'm like what is it and she's like it's a Toyota Tacoma and I'm like I'm not into that and she's like but it's really nice so I tell her come and pick me up so I can go see it and she did so when I saw the truck I fall in love with it and that's how I bought it and that's the perfect choice I ever made it runs great I love it
  • This car was made in 2008 and I've driven it since 2016
  • The Toyota Tundra (II) has been in production since 2007

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