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About my car

This was my first truck it was owned by an old man who passed 5 years before I bought it and in that time it had a total of 500 miles put on it so it sat a lot. When I got it I knew it needed work but I didn't care it was my dream truck at the time and I still miss it dearly it has the old bbf 360 and was a 3 speed on the column the heater didn't work till you got to wherever you were going,and it loved gas. When I sold it it had a new radiator rebuilt carb new steering column new master cylinder and a whole host of other things besides just regular maintenance. To make it look good I took the old steelys and hubcaps off and put on a used set of centerline wheels that I bought off a guy for $200
  • This car was made in 1971 and I've driven it since 2012
  • The Ford F-Series (5th Gen) was in production from 1967 to 1972

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