Berea, OH
My garage: Dodge Ram

About my car

I had a King Ranch Dually right before this truck. My Dad liked it so much he bought it from me and the search for a new truck began. I've had Ford and Chevy's before, I didn't want the same truck again, not to mention I love the Cummins engine, so I started looking for a 3rd Gen Dodge Dually. I found this truck out west, I always like to get the cleanest rust free truck I can, even though we do body and rust repair, I didn't want to have to do that just to start building a truck. We lifted the truck about 7"-8" using a combination of parts from Rough Country and Rancho. The shocks will be changed soon to Fox 2.0's. The wheels we went with are Motometal with the PVD coating and a set of 35" Hancook M/T's. 37's are next once I level out the front of the truck. I wanted to add chrome to the truck as every thing before was either red or black. I added a chrome grille, door handles, rear bumper that we cut to accept flush mount led back up lights, The front bumper is a Ranch Hand that I sent to my powder coater and had done in Chrome Zone. The truck was pretty much taken completely apart with the exception of the seats and carpet. We did some lite body work taking out dings and dents, then when all was right it came time to paint it. I didn't want a color that was on any stock vehicle so I mixed up the color that is on the truck. It's a tri stage with a tinted mid coat. It has a very bright bronze/copper color in the sun. Kinda hard to describe but I think the pictures I added show it pretty well. The engine mods really are not extensive, it does have an Arctic Air Twin Turbo setup by Relentless Diesel, a Filtration Solutions secondary oil filtration system, a Fass 150 Titanium lift pump, 120 hp. injectors, EFI Live with a tune written by Idaho Bob, and a 5" exhaust from the turbo back. We did try an Edge CTS2 with attitude before the EFI Live, but decided to go with EFI and custom tune the truck for the mods done. It also has a full ATS trans. Future changes include re-skinning the seats in black and gray leather, changing the carpet to black, building a custom center console, and adding the panoramic roof I found from a 2015 Ford Escape. I'll also add navigation, bluetooth, a 360 degree proximity camera system, and probably more. I don't see being done anytime soon. We'll start these upgrades once the winter hits, until then I want to drive it.

  • This car was made in 2006 and I've driven it since 2015
  • The Dodge Ram (3rd Gen) was in production from 2001 to 2009

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