Jacksonville, FL
My garage: Previously owned Chevrolet Caprice

About my car

A few years back a friend , classmate , and teammate, gave me the car . Reason being , he had two , this one was used for parts but had a clean title. I stopped by because I seen him out in his yard and we got to discussing thus caprice he had sitting underneath his carport . Well he tells me he has another, he says to me , " You can have it, I got what I need off of it. You're the only person I know that can or will do something with it. " ( I do custom paint and bodywork, collision repair, mechanics) I ask where it's at. He tells me, at a mechanic shop. I go , the owner won't release the car to me. I call my friend. He talks to him. Still won't release the car. Says I need a title because I'm not the one who dropped the car off, and that it needs to be completely RE wired. Whatever . I'll send a tow truck. Tow truck goes to pick it up. He says I need to be there . No car. Now , I go with a police officer, the title , a tow truck and my ID . The car has been pushed all the way to the back corner of the lot underneath a big oak tree. I get the car and I've been doing small things here and there. Currently it's parked , I haven't decided what I wanna do with it yet , since I'm highly interested in all aspects of car culture. And I do custom work. The options are astounding.


Grille found and in as well.


Finally found a decent grille