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UPDATED: I found the original owner and got the whole history on the car!

This car was bought brand new in October of 1989 to a gentlemen in Clairton Pennsylvania. He passed away in 2003 when the car had only 11k miles on it. His son then took ownership of the car and started to turbo it and did all the modifications to it. He started out with a 300zx turbo then went the the EMUSA GT28 turbo that was on it when I got it. He sold it in 2013 on ebay to A blind Gentleman in Canton Ohio who bought it for his daughter/niece. He sold it to them with all the original parts, Window Sticker, manuals, Daisy Wheels and everything. Some how all this was lost after that. She drove it for a while and while she did something broke that made it go into limp mode which didn't allow the car to run right and which I believe damaged the turbo. At that point it was shooting white smoke which they thought it was a blown head gasket. So they added stop leak or liquid head gasket sealer to the antifreeze. Obviously that didn't fix the issue so they sold it a kid who got it running a little better who then sold it to me after only owning the car for 8 months. I bought the car in January of 2016 with only 39k miles!!. My friend actually found the car on craigslist for sale and showed me and of course it was to good to pass up. So that weekend I got the cash, My friend Jimmy, and I went to Uhaul to get a trailer to haul behind his truck and pulled the miata home in one of the worse snow storms of the year. That was also the first time the miata ever saw any type of weather let alone winter. Yes it is rust free!! When I went to go see the car the kid told me there was nothing wrong with the car and it ran great. We drove it and it really didn't show any signs of running bad etc. But when I got it home the problems started to show them selves. Started it up to get it off the trailer and it bellowed white/blue smoke. We decided it needed a head gasket. The two major things you do to a boosted miata were not done to this car, Better radiator and turbo gaskets. So I ordered the turbo gasket kit from Flying Miata, CxRacing radiator, and ARP Head studs. Jim and I started tearing into it and found out the previous owner put to much oil in it and I had oil in cylinder 1 which was the reason behind the blue smoke. Also all the valves and tops of the cylinders had layers of carbon build up from running bad. Then we found out the turbo was bad, had very bad shaft play. We did some research and found out that it was GT28 Emusa Turbo. At the moment we decided to redo the whole turbo system. It was all DIY and falling apart since its 26 years old. I ordered the custom made intercooler kit from Flying Miata, mishimoto radiator hoses,and a new TB28 Emusa Turbo from Tru Motor Sports. While we were working on it I got some 16 inch konig wheels to replace the huge 17 inch Enkeis that were on the car. We had to take out the AC because the FM intercooler kit ran right were the pump goes, also we had to relocate the power steering reservoir. It took about 3 months to rebuild it and get it running. We got it done and after tacking up the body kit took it out for a drive and man is it fast! The old turbo was running at 10 psi the new one is running at 15psi. We still had some back pressure because the original cat was clogged so I got a FM Turbo Cat and bolted it to the OBX exhaust system on the car. Since then I've been driving the car and have put 1600 miles on it and even took it down the drag strip! I just fixed the AFR because I found out it wasn't working so now just need to connect to the Mega Squirt PNP and get it tuned to address a few things. Some other changes include:<br>Hard dog Roll bar (added by previous owner)<br>All bulbs switched to LED (had original bulbs very dim!).<br>RevLimiter custom gauges!<br>Projector headlights with halo ring.<br>Mods that were done recently, V-Maxx Classic Coilovers, NB Silver Factory Hardtop, Duck bill rear spoiler and R package Lips, Test Pipe and Enthuza Car Turbo Exhaust.

  • This car was made in 1990 and I've driven it since 2016
  • The Mazda MX-5/Miata (NA) was in production from 1990 to 1998
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Engine Bay all cleaned up, turbo system rebuild complete!


Upgrading to more reliable power!


Upgrading my 29 year old brakes!


Photo shoot and update!


Handling Some Little Details


Repainted Sooner Rather Than Later!


Rewired and Fixed My AFR


Finally Low!


Finished LED Conversion

LED Lights

Brand New Spoiler and Trunk