About my car

When I realized in 1999 of the upcoming birth of my oldest son, I had to make a choice and my 87 Monte Carlo SS had to go. I vowed one day to get it back and 2 years later I found out it was crashed and destroyed my heart sank and my dreams took a backseat. 15 years later I was finally in a position that I could get another one, I traveled 5 hours to a collector whose idea of mint wasn't the same. I traveled 3 hrs the next week to find one sold right before i arrived, frustration set in.
On another 5 hr trip I found what seemed to be the one, it wasn't. My driver and I bound a determined to find the diamond in the rough took to Craigslist and found one jacked up on 22s with a monster stereo, she wasn't mint by all means but she had all the right pieces. Finally home, we gutted the stereo and put on stock rims (not before my son and I took it for a bumping cruise).
We removed the tired old 305 and replaced it with a healthy 320hp 355 rebuilt the trans, new brakes, new seals, body straightening and a beautiful new Dakota digital VHX dash and I have finally got her ready for my first car show. My son has got the itch and has scrimped and saved to create his own dream car. Nothing beats that!

Be sure to check out the rest of the build... So far, engine compartment and now wheels and suspension are coming very soon.

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