About my car

Well I've owned this car for 5 years now an it took a long 3 years to get it ready for the road an car shows. But it all started when I was little my dad had trans am my hole life but my favorite was his 1988 gta i thought that car was kitt an I cried like crazy when we got rid of the car an I said I'll get one an ill have kitt back an now I have the real deal with my clone an I love every minute of driving an showing kitt off. My car came from West Virginia new an is in Ohio now with me it started life as a 305 high output car with a 700r4 transmission an a drum brake rear end an now has a 355 an the same transmission an a posi track disk brake rear end. The only things I need to finish kitt is all the instruments that it had in the tv show. Thanks for stopping an looking at my car an my story
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