About my car

My wife took me out for my birthday, January 2015, and chose a restaurant directly across from my local Ford Dealer (Avis Ford). Unfortunately the restaurant was a little too busy and there was a line outside. My wife, Tina, suggested we go across the street to look at the new 2015 Mustang. We had talked about replacing my 2007 (as it had 208k on it) but she had told me we couldn't afford it just yet.

I, being completely focused on food, objected and said I didn't want to look at a new car I knew I couldn't have.

Tina insisted so off we went. Once inside Tina suggested I drive one. I said no way but with sufficient pressure Tina got me to agree. I turned over my driver license to the salesman and took the keys to an EcoBoost. It was ok but not at all anything I wanted. It was orange and only had 4cylinders.

I drove it and came back after about 10 min. Once back I asked about another mustang that was up on a display pedastal for sever days and I had been admiring (my office is 1 block away and I drive by every morning ) The salesman indicated he sold it but it was still "on the lot".

It was a v6, Guard Metallic, no extras, no satellite radio. Exactly what I wanted.

I said no way. I'm not driving another man's car. It's a violation of the "man code". The salesman insisted that because there was no paperwork completed or money exchanged it was still his and only technically sold.

I took the keys and as I headed out for a drive. Tina said she needed the keys to my '07 as she needed to retrieve something.

I took the car out and saw 3 digits on the speedometer really quickly. I stayed gone for about 30 minutes and headed back. I was irritated that I couldn't have it, hungry, frustrated that we aren't doing something more productive on my birthday but also loving my wife that she talked me into it.

I walked in, tossed the keys back to the salesman and asked for my keys and license. I turned to my wife and asked if we could please go eat.

The salesman tossed the keys back and said "Happy Birthday". I turned to my wife and she was laughing and half crying. I stood there in the middle of the Avis Showroom and cried like a baby.

She got me to agree to take a test drive so they could get my license and begin the paperwork. She asked for my keys to begin the process of assessing the value of my '07. The car on display was the car he said was sold...the car I drove.

My wife set this all up weeks ahead of time with the salesman and the dealership. She knew what I wanted and she BOUGHT ME A CAR!
  • This car was made in 2015 and I've driven it since 2015
  • The Ford Mustang (6th Gen) has been in production since 2015

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