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This is my truck it's a 1996 Ford F-250. It was bought brand new by my father in December of 96. He daily drove the truck and used it as a snow plow truck since new up until 2011 when the front TTB axle has enough and broke due to poor design and abuse during the blizzard of 2011 in northern IL. It was either fix it and sell the truck for a newer truck or my plan, which I bough a kingpin 60 axle for it then lifted it 4 inches and added 35 inch Toyo mt tires and 16x11 Mickey Thompson classic rims. UPDATE. The truck now sits on 2005 super duty suspension front and back. It has a 2008 super duty steering gear box, and a 1996 ford F Super duty hydro boost braking and steering system. It has 20x10 fuel rampage rims and 305/55R20 Toyo AT2 tires. I relocated the batteries under the driver side bed to clean up the engine bay. The truck then was retired and I took it over from there. The follow year me and my friends Cummins swapped the truck due to the 5.8 gas motor not being very fuel efficient and not fast enough to my liking. It then got body work done and a respray to take care of the rust and make the truck look better than new. Couple years later it got a built motor to handle 1000hp, but currently in the 700hp range with compound turbos, bigger injectors, and bigger injection pump. Interior was redone as well with black carpet, black leather 2012 f150 lariat seats, a custom 10 inch sub box and a small auxiliary heater box. Truck has changes to come this year, follow me on Instagram to keep up to date with every : 12vobsfummins

  • This car was made in 1996 and I've driven it since 1996
  • The Ford F-Series (9th Gen) was in production from 1992 to 1997
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