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This is Tombstone, I've done and do 95% of the mechanics and body work needed for my truck, it's definitely Garage built, a C10 my Pops passed down to me at 18, The C10 I've had in my family since 2001, from 2003 to 2010 it Sat and never cranked over, it Moved around with us, Mid 2010 I got the Truck back on the road and it's been an Adventure ever since, I decided to pack my bags at 20, to travel 600 miles to Arizona from California, my goal has been to maintain it as a daily driver, but to also travel with it far long distances, so far it's been doing that for 7 years, I've traveled back and forth 1200 miles total up and back from AZ to CA numerous times, the smile per gallons is great, she gets average 20 per gallon on highway, with out any hassle at all, my next adventure is traveling Route 66 in October to Oklahoma from Arizona, 16hrs up and back. She has Auto cross worthy truck that drives daily, so far I'd say I'm not to far to that goal!<br>Specs. SBC 327 Lrg journal, circle track Heads, headers, Comp Cam, 600cfm Edlebrock, 700r4 Trans, 4.11 rear. Beefy tires all around.
  • This car was made in 1968 and I've driven it since 2001
  • The Chevrolet C/K (2nd Gen) was in production from 1967 to 1972
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