About my car

Restoration History<br>In the mid 70s the car was found under cover in Montana and brought back to Sakatchewan. The car was as clean and rust free as the day it rolled out of the factory.<br>1979 6 cyl engine was rebuilt.<br>A new interior was installed and is the same interior you see today.<br>New rubber and wheels were added too. Paint was in great shape but the next owner did not like Green so 1986 Car was sold and repainted Red and white and is the same paint you see today! <br>A reputable auction company did a magnet test and stated they could find no bondo and no rust anywhere on the car except a quarter sized spot on the rear floor which was cut out and a new piece welded in place.<br>Unfortunately the fellow that had the car repainted had requested the underside be heavily undercoated.<br>The 6cyl was swapped for a V-8 350 .<br>The car was sold in the early 2000s and was shipped to BC. During shipping the driver forgot to turn on the rad fan and destroyed the 350 motor. The new owner had a 383 Stroker built by a company in Seattle and shipped to Vancouver and installed in the 56.<br>At the same time the Transmission was changed to a 700r4 OD and the rearend changed to 373 gears, steering, brakes and suspension were all redone with the car lowered by 2 and 3/4 inches.<br>The only thing changed since then was a new headliner installed in 2016<br>The story goes from 1986 until 2016 the car never saw a drop of rain.<br><br>We try to stay out of the rain but sometimes its unavoidable the car is driven and enjoyed almost daily!

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