Dodge Challenger SRT8 The Punisher

About my car

Got this car about 2 years ago and got it for a good price, mostly because the previous owner definitely didn't appreciate the car he had. Spent all of the first year fixing all the problems he caused and ignored. Finally got her running the way she should and then after a few modifications I got her purring like she should! Taken it out to the track and sent her screaming down the 1/8th mile. Needless to say SS and 5.0 aren't our biggest fans :) The most amazing car I have ever owned and proud to say she is gonna be running happily for a long time!

  • This car was made in 2010 and I've driven it since 2015
  • The Dodge Challenger SRT8 has been in production since 2008
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Finally got her back! And better than ever!


My little accident..


All my modifications