Lynnwood, WA
My garage: Ford Mustang

About my car

This is my. Baby, a. 1982 mustang gt. In 2008 I found my car on craigslist. I. Traded an Eddie Bauer bronco 2 for it. The car had been an old drag car years ago but when I found it, it was neglected and sitting in a field. It was faded flat black and silver in places. I originally was only interested in the engine, however once I drove the car I fell in love with it, so I had to make it look like something I wanted to be seen in. This was a ground up build, I. Did all my own paint and body work, black leather interior, and last summer I rebuilt the engine. Engine is a 66 289 block, bored 60 over, forged internals, massive cam, 68 302 heads custom cut for 202 valves, high rise weiand intake, street demon 750 carb, headman headers and dual exhaust. Suspension is set up for auto cross. This car is my baby and I have poured my heart and soul into building it. There will never be another one like it
  • This car was made in 1982 and I've driven it since 2008
  • The Ford Mustang (3rd Gen) was in production from 1979 to 1993

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