Springfield, MO

About my car

College graduation gift to myself. After 5 years in college I landed a good job where I could finally afford a nice car. I picked up my performance pack 2015 gt with Recaro's seats in April of 2015. Fast forward to September 2016, the car has a decent little list of mods so far. Custom stripe, painted and powdercoated engine bay, custom steeda cai, bobs ultimate catch can, Lund flex fuel tune, mgw race spec, mak cat deletes, corsa extreme catback, ford racing axles, bmr cradle lock out and vertical links, steeda diff bushings, Ledglow Interior light kit, the list goes on with yet still more to come. This is also my first car I've ever taken to the drag strip and I'm hooked. Stock I only managed a 13.2, fast forward to last weekend and new personal best was a 11.91 at 112mph with the help of a msd 2 step for reaction times, I was pretty excited for my full weight bolt on car. Long term goals are twin turbos, magnum xl swap, and a mpr built block. Looking for 800-1000rwhp full weight street car. Hope everyone enjoys my car and my build so far.
  • This car was made in 2015 and I've driven it since 2015
  • The Ford Mustang (6th Gen) has been in production since 2015

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