About my car

Original 350 4bbl 300hp car. A very important piece of history for me and my family. My dad bought this car in 1973 and used it as the first family car with his wife and 4 children for several years. Somewhere in the mid-late 70's it was sold to his brother, my uncle Brad. He drove it for several years also until it developed a motor problem. It sat in his driveway for a few more years until my oldest brother Scott (Scotty) bought it. Before entering the USAF in 1988, Scot had it repainted(over the original paint) and a new vinyl top installed. Then it sat for a long time in my parents garage. I was 6 years old when he left for the AirForce, and everyday from then until I was able to buy it off him in 2011, I thought about, lusted over, and tried to figure out a way to buy this car from him. I wanted it bad for a long time but I could never have the money at the right time, or would have money for it but he didn't want to sell at that time. Finally the stars aligned just right and I was able to buy under the agreement that I ever sold it, it had to stay in the family...done deal. Ive added new wheels and a lot of work to the motor, but I have every original part that came with this car. Anything I have modified or replaced has been set away for safe keeping, and nothing has been done to it that cant be reversed to make it 100% stock. Keep it in the family!
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Scotty and the crew