Mentor, OH

About my car

Got this base GT 4.6L in 2008. Did 8 deployments to pay for her mods, even volunteered to stay in Afghanistan 4 extra months to pay for a Kennybell SC. Ran 260 intake temps on my first road course, found out I got ripped off over $9,000 between getting a 2.6L and stock tranny (paid fora 2.8L and beefed up tranny). Finally found a good shop and got to run it again on the road course. Found out the hard way not to go below a 1/8 tank. Leaned her out with the twin fuel pupmp, twin boost-a-pumps & 90 lbs injectors... So for the 100th time she's back in the shop, this time she's getting new Pistons.

Current setup: 09 Mustang GT, MMR 1000se 5.1L Boss block, 3V w/ Twin Garrett 57's, T56 magnum XL, Moser M9 w/ 4.10's 925 hp (734 RWHP) @16lbs, max 1250 @ 25lbs, turned down for DD. It's a labor of love and there's alway more mods to do.

Before and after pics, plus the Kenny bell I over paid for...
  • This car was made in 2009 and I've driven it since 2009
  • The Ford Mustang (5th Gen) was in production from 2005 to 2014
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1000+ hp 09 GT 5.1L TT