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About my car

My grandma ordered this car new in July 2003 with every possible option, including the Competition Group package. She drove it until her health prevented it, and it was given to me before she passed. Since then, I've fixed all problems and done several modifications in good taste, keeping with a factory-built feel. As it sits, it's lowered on SSC springs, has BMR trailing arms and SLP sways, GMPP strut bars, SLP headers, Harland Sharp 1.9 roller rockers, 2006 Special Edition rims with sticky tires, a Special Edition front lip, a fiberglass ram air hood with OEM WS6 Ram Air decals, a homemade intake, 180* thermostat, Aeroforce gauge, retrofit projector headlights, and an Overkill tune. I love this car, and the sentimentality of it has ensured that I'll keep it forever.

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