About my car

This was actually my dad's car, but I would still love to share it with you guys. My dad has always been the guy who has to have everything just perfect. And he had always wanted his own General Lee. So back in 2008, he contacted a guy in Springfield, Missouri. He told the man what he wanted, and went and paid him. A couple year later, we went back up, and picked up one of the very nicest replica General Lee's ever built. This one was spot on, everything to the exact specs of the original car from the tv show. (No, the doors were not welded shut.) We had a blast with this car, but it got old after a couple years so we sold it. Lots of memories were made with that car.
  • This car was made in 1969 and I've driven it since 2010
  • The Dodge Charger (2nd Gen) was in production from 1968 to 1970
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The day we got the car home

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Some photos of the General


Here are some pics of the inside


Better picture of the before and after