Chevrolet Silverado Beautiful Beast

About my car

So here is the story behind my 2016 silverado, one year ago this month I bought my very first brand new vehicle. It was a '15 silverado rally 2 edition. Unfortunately on August 12, 2016 I was on my way home from a family night of watching fireworks with my wife and 3 year old son. On our way home we where hit by a drunk driver head on when he came into our lane on the highway. We were traveling at 55mph and the wreck totaled our 11 month old truck. Thank God the truck did what it was designed to and saved not only my life, but also my wife and sons life. This is not the way we wanted to get a new vehicle but it is what it is and happy and thankful we had that truck. So here is my brand new 2016 Chevy 1500 Rally 2 Edition Silverado and a photo of the last truck thatsavedour lives.

New additions


Ive updated the truck just a little.

LED Lights

Don't drink and drive