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This is my Rockford Files Firebird. It is a tribute car to the Firebird James Garner drove. It is autographed by Mr. Garner as well as a few actors and crew.

In 1974 a new TV series aired called “The Rockford Files” Starring James Garner. Mr. Garner’s character Jim Rockford drove a Pontiac Firebird Esprit. I fell in love with this car immediately. So I purchased a used 1974 Firebird Esprit that was gold and had a black interior. (Rockford drove a gold and tan interior version.) I only kept the car one year before I sold it.

The Rockford Files went through Firebirds from 1974 through the 1978 model year. I have always wanted to buy one over the years. Fast forward to November 2002. I was looking for a used car for myself and found a 1977 Firebird Esprit on the internet. It was gold with a tan interior.

The Firebird only had 63,000 miles on it. It was in great survivor shape. I am the 5th owner of the car. The Firebird was purchased new in 1977 in Oregon to a lady around 50 years old who gave the car to her minister's wife in the late 80’s. The minister’s wife kept it for a number of years and sold it to another gentleman around 2000. In March of 2002 that gentleman sold the Firebird to a gentleman named Mike in Rhode Island. Mike sold it to me. What is nice about this Firebird is that it has only been owned by people over 45 years old. So it has not been abused.

Once I bought the Firebird, I contacted Jim at Pontiac Historic Service for a copy of the original build sheet. The Firebird was built in Ohio and shipped to a dealer in Oregon. The car had a rear spoiler originally and a stripe, which I believe was removed at the dealership. It also had wire wheels, which Mike switched out with a set of Rally 2 wheels to make the car look like the Rockford Files car.

Since purchasing the Firebird, I have replaced the wheel well chrome all around, added a correct AM/FM radio with two rear speakers. Of course I have done some regular mantenance like, brakes, heater core, water pump and transmission service.

The Firebird has a 305 engine, power steering and brakes. It also has air conditioning and a tilt steering column with a gold Formula steering wheel. These are the only options on the car.

I used the Firebird as a daily driver for about 11months. It is now retired as an antique vehicle with just over 70,000 miles on it. It sports the same license plate number 853 OKG that was Jim Rockford’s on the TV show.

I have showen the Firebird at a few local car shows and it is received well. A lot of people actually ask me if this is an original from the TV show. The nice thing about this Firebird is that it is a star car replica. Since everyone wants a General Lee Charger, KITT Trans Am or a Batmobile, my car is special. Not too many Rockford Files Firebird’s running around. Plus, there a lot of Trans Am and Formula Firebirds, so it is cool to see the Esprit as one of a few examples still out there.

If anyone owns or has information on an original Rockford File Firebird or Rocky's GMC pick up truck, please email me at jimsuva34@aol.com. My goal is to own an original Rockford File Firebird someday! Thank you!
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