About my car

Wow! It has been 1 year already and I still love it! Upgrades so far are ADM 650hp package which includes injectors, ported S/C snout, 2.55 upper pulley, CAI and tuned to 538whp. Headers, lower pulley, BTR stage 3 cam, springs, push rods, lower overdrive pulley, ported throttle body, Afco Heat exchanger have been installed!!!! 632 whp at 4200 ft elevation.

Exterior mods include front splitter and rear Wicker from ZL1addons. Rear louvers are from MRT and really help in the summer. Car has been lowered 1.25 all around on BTR lower Springs. Debadged and the paint has been corrected.

Future plans are CNC'd LSA heads, upgraded fuel system and e85.

It may not be the fastest or baddest, but I still love it!

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After BTR stage 3 cam install