About my car

I grew up a huge Dukes of Hazzard fan and currently with 5 kids I can't afford a Genreral Lee so I built the next best thing.......Uncle Jesse's truck! I started off with a beat up truck, but only 91k miles. Went though and changed every gasket, hose & rubber weatherstripping. Then gutted the interior down to the metal. Redid the whole interior with new seat upholstery, carpet, door panels, instrument cluser and vents. Added a stereo with blue tooth and a 12 inch kicker sub. Found the exact same Cobra CB radio the Dukes and Uncle Jesse had. Put on a custome billet steering wheel since the stock was as big as a bus steering wheel! Polished up the old rusty wheels and put some all terrain Toyo Open counties on them. Added a bed liner to cover up the inside of the beat up bed. Then put all new lights and market lights. Gun rack of course, then tuned the engine, added Edelbrock high rise manifold with alluminum valve covers and a 4 barrel carb for a little more power. Added dual magnaflow exhast and he was running like a champ!

  • This car was made in 1976 and I've driven it since 2012
  • The Ford F-Series (6th Gen) was in production from 1973 to 1979
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