Lexington, KY

About my car

To do list:

Purchase MMD or equivalent bonnet strut kit (thinking Roush?) - DONE
lower the car by 1" - SAVING FOR
tint the windows - SAVING FOR
replace floor mats - SAVING FOR
do AM handling bolt on package - SAVING FOR
Purchase 13+ style tails for Buddy - SAVING FOR
CAI install - DONE
Purchase clutch extension from AM and review it - DONE
do AM performance/power bolt on package - IN PROGRESS
Complete 75,000 Mile check per Ford shop/service Manuel
clean up the interior - DONE
air filter snorkel mod - DONE
install LED compatible flasher - DONE
install turn signal LEDs - DONE
Convert interior to LED - DONE
Replace interior dome lamp (purchase from AM?) - RESEARCHING
clean up the interior - DONE
install new air filter DONE
[color]clean up the interior - DONE
clean up the interior - DONE
shift handle install - DONE
get my hands on parts to review - IN PROGRESS
Enjoy the car - IN PROGRESS

Shop/service guide for 75,000 Mile

120,000 Km (75,000 Miles)
􀁺 Change engine oil and install a new oil filter.
􀁺 Inspect automatic transmission fluid level using dipstick. (Standard trans on my car)
􀁺 Inspect brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums, brake lines, hoses and parking brake system.
􀁺 Inspect wheel ends for end play and noise.
􀁺 Inspect engine cooling system and hoses.
􀁺 Inspect steering linkage, suspension and (if equipped) driveshaft and ball joints.
􀁺 Rotate tires and inspect for wear.
􀁺 Install a new cabin air filter.
􀁺 Drain coalescent fuel filter and replace filter (NGV).
􀁺 Change green engine coolant, if equipped.
  • This car was made in 2004 and I've driven it since 2015
  • The Ford Mustang (4th Gen) was in production from 1994 to 2004
Car of the Day winner ()

I finally installed the radio my parents bought for me last birthday

I did pick this little gem up today

Just got a few goodies in a few days ago

Went to a car show, had a bit of fun and got to show off the Stang

Got my mount installed with out issue in the Mustang

Here is the old verses new for compairison...perhaps another set of eyes can help locate the IAT???

Now for the goodness to be put in.

Got the Raxiom smoked 3rd brake lamp and installed it over the weekend and been testing it

Jackpad review

Just got a couple jack pads from Zl1 addons, so I should have a review coming soon