Chevrolet Silverado Project StormRunner

About my car

I started getting into trucks in high school when my friends started driving, so naturally when I turned 16, what did I get? I got this; my 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 4x4 Z71. When I got the truck, it was 100% bone stock, so I had a fresh canvas. I was always a fan of prerunners, but knew the cost in building one and never thought it could happen. I gradually started building the truck by leveling it, saving money for wheels, tires, and small mods like PlastiDipping and taillight tint. I did what I could for what I had. As opportunities came up, I got the chance to start on my dream truck build.

The first step was to have Dirt Designs in Atascadero, CA install his 99-07c 4x4 GM long travel kit. The kit pulls 16" of travel with 8" King coilovers and bypasses. The second step was to do the rear suspension so it could keep up with the front end. I had Steve at Dirt Designs build a sweet bed cage, tire rack, and install his shackle/hanger kit with Deaver long travel leaf springs. The back end pulled 21" of travel bumped to the frame. Now it was time to install the custom built headlights and taillights from EcoTint which really changed the entire look of the truck. I then had Advance Mobile Security, in Bakersfield, CA, build one of the coolest sound systems I've seen in a truck like this. It utilized 4 8" subwoofers, from CT Sounds, under the back seat. The system sounded amazing! Then, me being a truck guy kicked in and I needed to take my truck to the next level.

It finally became time for me to pull the trigger on having Dirt Designs do a full build on my truck (full cage, back halved, 4-linked). I gathered the new Fiberwerx fiberglass front clip and bedsides, Camburg Racing full floater rear end, Yukon 3rd member (5.13s w/ Detroit locker), new King Shocks, and new wheels and brought it all down to Steve. He came up with an awesome trunk space design for the back half which still allows me to put tools, batteries, or anything I want in the back! They completed the truck in just over 3 months which was awesome. The very first thing I did was take it down to Pismo Beach, CA, test the truck out in the sand, and have a blast! The truck felt and handled great, but I was sort of limited at Pismo so I added some KC HiLites and took a trip to Glamis Sand Dunes with DuneWhore and really put some sand miles on the truck. The truck feels amazing, and still so much more tuning and wrenching to do to make it faster and ride better.

My truck is a never ending build so check back for updates!

New Patriot Tires!