About my car

I bought this car from a guy who had it parked since 1990. 2500 bucks in a lot of hours later removing rats nest and dirt and about 50 waxes she started to come around. The guy abandon her because she was a 229 V6 he got tired saying it's a V6 when people ask him what's under the hood. So after very long DayZ Google I found plenty of parts from circle track to torque increasing upgrades. Enough to get a good combination. My goal at first was to cram a 454 in her and beat her to death. When she arrived i learned she was a one owner with 37k miles that i couldnt tear apart so goal changed. New goal slightly modified 229 with 250-300hp/300tq. So the quest began and with some parts and love i was able to achieve it. So the secret ingredients.
Normal tear down and rebuild
Marine ported heads
upgraded valves from 1.82 to1.9 exh.
Com cam rockers 1.52 in/ 1.6 ex and pushrods
Edelbrock cam/lifters/ intake manifold/ 4bbl carb
4.3l exhaust manifold to keep stock look.
Adjustable timing gears
Accel hei ignition with taylor wires.
All done in the garage except the porting and new valves.
Open the hood just a little old 229 v6.lol

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