About my car

My grandpa bought this truck brand new in December of 1973. He used it as a farm truck. It had a full work setup. I can't find the picture, as I only have one from when it looked the way it did. It had the old heavy metal bumpers and solid white hubcaps, huge (old school) Dodge towing mirrors, and air compressors, fuel tank, and what not in the bed. And it was always covered in dust. Lol. He gave the truck to me when I got my driver's license. Many people made fun because as they were getting brand new cars, I got a 40 year old pick up. But I didn't mind a bit. My dad helped me out, put some old chrome wagon wheels on it and a set of 33" mud grips on the back, and a new stereo with two 12" subs. (They BARELY fit lol.) I abused this truck, just like any teenager with a 454 truck would, made burnout videos and everything. But it all went downhill when I was going too fast when it was raining, and nailed a pine tree. I wasn't allowed to drive the truck anymore after that. The truck sat (wrecked) under a shed in my back yard for a couple years, and I had to look at it like that every day. It underwent a full restoration a couple years ago, and were planning on giving it back to my grandpa on his next birthday.

  • This car was made in 1973 and I've driven it since 2009
  • The Chevrolet C/K (3rd Gen) was in production from 1973 to 1987
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Before Restoration


Fresh Restoration