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Hello, I’m a 1957 Hudson Metropolitan. I’m not the floating car you are thinking of. You might remember my sister car, Nash Metropolitan. I was built by Austin of England for A.M.C. I was the first car that was built overseas and sold by a North American company with their name. The Hudson and Nash dealerships were both in existence until Hudson was dropped in 1957. I represent the last year for the Hudson Metropolitan. <br> <br> My first home was in Nevada. Some time in the 60’s I moved to California. I lived there for quite a few years with a young family. I watched their family expand and I knew sooner or later they would sell me to someone else. They told me I wasn’t big enough. They didn’t have the money to address my needs. I was listed on EBAY. One week later, I was loaded onto a truck. With a few tears from my family, I headed down the road. It seemed like a long ride. That truck didn’t stop until we got to a big city called Detroit. <br><br>There I met my new owner. At first he was all smiles but after closer inspection he was very unhappy. He said I wasn’t as healthy as he expected. He was also upset that I was English. He put me into an old garage and left me there for about 10 years. Then one day the doors opened and a fellow was looking me over. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My owner had all kinds of good things to say about me. Next thing I knew, I was loaded onto a trailer and brought to a town in Canada. Elliot Lake, Ontario. That is where I live now. <br><br>There are very few cars my age in Elliot Lake, so my new owner drives me to lots of places where I can meet friends my age. We have been back to Detroit, to Sudbury, Kenosha, WI., Chicago and Sault Ste. Marie. I know I have a few scratches and bruises but my new owner has spent a lot of time fixing my insides so we can travel together. An old girl like me has to be careful. The young cars like to drive so fast. They make me very nervous but all the smiles I get make up for it. Now I have a new friend who tags along behind me. I’m not quite sure about him yet. He seems like a lot of dead weight to me.<br><br>Well, I tend to Ramble on so you have a nice day and maybe I’ll see you some time.

I have taken the Met to a few concourse shows. It won 1st in class at the 1000 island concourse Clayton NY, Studebaker museum concourse, South Bend IL, 1st junior and senior at aaca Hershey. Among a few others. It's a fun car to show.

  • This car was made in 1957 and I've driven it since 2009
  • The Hudson Metropolitan was in production from 1955 to 1961
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