About my car

I've had this car since Fall of 2010 following one of my breakups. The breakup shook me pretty hard as I was engaged. I needed something to focus on, so I went all in and started building this machine. Some years later this is what it ended up turning into. I built this car with the intention of having something to pass the time with. Didn't have a whole lot of money starting out as I was just pushing shopping carts at a local grocery store to be able to afford the turbo-swap for this car, but I had envisioned of making something that people would appreciate. This budget sports car ended up turning into one of the unicorns of the Z31 world. Dyno numbers haven't been made but it has been down the drag slips a handful of times putting it at the best pass of 13.02 @ 111mph in the 1/4 on 10psi (stock turbo is 7psi with a 1/4 mile of 15.7). Future plans include swapping a S14 subframe in as well as upgrading the turbo to possibly a Precision PT6266 CEA, equal length manifolds with a 60MM HKS external waste gate, as well as v-banded flanges, Wilwood Brakes, drilled/slotted rotors, and also a better boost gauge (one that does logging like a Greddy Profec) Engine Build: VG30ET block bored .040 over
New Crower forged rods
New Wiseco forged z32tt pistons
New ARP main bolts
New ARP head studs
Polished Crank
Heads have been ported and polished
New Schneider custom cams with upgraded valve springs
New Ferrara stainless steel valves
New 90 AMP alternator (Upgrade from 70amp)
Powder coated valve covers
Russ’ adjustable cam gears
New starter
New water pump
Gutted Maxima intake
32 inch fmic
Aftermarket High flow fuel rails
60lb/hour Grand National Injectors
Aeromotive Stealth 340lph fuel pump
TD06H w/ upgraded 8 blade exhaust wheel
Precision 55MM External Wastegate w/ open dump
30A transmission (same internals as twin turbo z32 trans)
Stage 6 South Bend Clutch w/ chromoly flywheel
3" aluminized MSA Performance Exhaust System
NisTune Daughterboard (Real time tuning on the ECU via usb)
A/C delete
P/S delete

Suspension:Stance Coilovers
Urethane Sway Bar
Touge Factory Z31 inner & outter tie rods - V.2 w/ Aurora Bearings
Custom made steering knuckles to allow for full range of motion Exterior: Viper Blue paint job
18" Cobra Replicas
Blue tuner lug nuts
"Z" Decals on each wheel
NisMo Valve stem caps
Blacked out trim
Tinted Windows
Stock Turbo Spoiler
Tinted Tails http://smokedtailights.com/about/
HID headlights with lazy eye mod
Proudear hood
TBO Front lip Interior: Carbon Fiber Nismo Shift Knob
Carbon Fiber Center Console Kenwood Headunit
x4 6.5" speakers
x2 6x9 speakers in a custom made box
Stock Tonneau cover
All black interior swapover
Phantom II Gauges all around
AEM Wideband https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JDLigPsRxA - Video of exhaust and a few wide open throttle passes

  • This car was made in 1988 and I've driven it since 2010
  • The Nissan 300ZX (Z31) was in production from 1983 to 1989
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