About my car

It's a 1965 dodge dart that's been totally redone it's my first car and was a father son project it has a 170 slant six with an offenhauser intake and two single barrel carbs, a mild cam, a dutra race split manifold with cutouts and cherry bombs, and a flex fan. It's got an A-833 four speed transmission out of a 74 duster with overdrive and 4.11 gears. The paint color is called gomango orange, it's a 1970 dodge paint color. I just wanted to build something a little different, it looks good and runs its ass off so I'm pretty happy.

  • This car was made in 1965 and I've driven it since 2006
  • The Dodge Dart (3rd Gen) was in production from 1963 to 1966

Sorry, I've been busy. I haven't made a post yet.