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Update 9/2016
Cant really remember when I did the write up on my car, but over this past winter did some more mods.
18x8 TSW Mirabeau wheels rollin on Cooper RS3-S 235/40/18 tires
Custom Made Retrofit Headlights by Kustom54Lighting.com
SDK Hardpipe and Tial BOV
AGP Direct fit Intercooler
Went all Stainless vacuum and fuel lines
2 years ago car made 309whp/413trq on a non-finalized tune

Heres a video from Dodge at 2015 Carlisle Chrysler Nationals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YWTeZ-XCcY

Plans for 2016 if all goes as planed
50 trim turbo setup with the 400whp goal
This car has been awesome, won a lot of awards/shows with her and love it. It is a very well taken care of car, and only really gets driven to shows about 3-4k miles a summer, i also have collectors insurance on the car for a 26k value.
Car has right around 51k miles this year

Hello, My name is Brandon . I live in a small town in NW Central Pa. not much of a car scene here, but I make do with what’s available. I've been into Neon's since buying my 1998 Intense Blue R/T brand new in 98, and then got into moding it with usual bolt ons, had this car for 10 years loved it Auto X'd it for several years and drag raced it till 2008 which brings me to my 2004 Dodge SRT-4. I looked far and wide for a un-molested SRT-4 and wanted one with low miles that was spotlessly clean and like NEW condition. Well of all places Ebay I found one a Classic/Collector Car Dealer 50 miles from me had the car listed. I purchased the SRT-4 with 15K on the odometer and only mods where DC Sports cat back exhaust, Mopar C.A.I , Mopar short throw shifter, a nice Kenwood CD player and nice Polk Audio speakers. I spent $17,500 out the door for this spotless car in 2008, worth it to me yes !! So the 1st 2 years I modded it and raced it, tore stock clutch out 1st year owned it with 15K on it, upgraded to South Bend Stage4 clutch, typical bolt ons 3 years ago with M&H drag slicks ran a 12.89@106 mph. 3rd years of ownership decided to start showing car and give up BEATING it, which leads me to date with these performance mods * COOLINGMIST METH INJECTION, WITH VARRI-COOL CONTROLLER 2 M3 NOZZLES 50/50 MIX. * DSP * F.I.C. 565cc INJECTORS (70+% I.D.C.) * 3 BAR MAP/TIP, RESCALE BY NIGEL * 3” O2 HOUSING AND DOWN PIPE 3” DC SPORTS EXHAUST * MOPAR C.A.I. * DCR OIL FLOW MODIFIER * NGK 4306 GAPPED AT .035 * WALBORO 255 FUEL PUMP * FUEL PUMP RE-WIRE * AGP C.C. * PTP CHECK VALVE * N2NB WOT 2 STEP BOX * AEM WIDEBAND * AREOFORCE INTERCEPTOR GUAGE * 180 THERMOSTAT * MOPAR BOV * CUT BALANCE SHAFT CHAIN * 18 x 8 Axis Decades wheels with Staggered lips * 235/40/18 Tires * Front and Rear Bumper Flares * Lots of other visual stuff, Engine Bay Powdercoated by www.DetectiveCoating.com So the past 3 years has been just car show oriented. Last year got married and we bought a house with pretty much my DREAM garage, 25x30 own 100amp service heat etc, nice, so now the SRT-4 gets really taken care of and really dont drive it during the week anymore, mainly on the weekends to shows and cruise ins. I tore down 1/2 the engine over the past winter had everything powdercoated Candy Red, and Metallic Silver and some Ceramic Coating also. My highlights of this season have been Bellfonte Pa. Car Show, where I entered in 1949 to Present Modified Mopar Class ( wow thats like every Mopar ever !) there where some bad ass cars there and everyone I spoke to said good luck with placing in that class, and I agreed. Well to my AMAZEMENT they called my name for 2nd place in Class. I was overwhelmed!! Other highlight of the summer was Chryslers at Carlisle where I placed 1st in 2003-2004 Modified SRT-4 , very cool. I placed at approximately 15+ shows I went to this year, its been good and met a ton of New people. So without really bragging the car up its truly the cleanest one I've seen so far, I've put a ton of time into it and everything is done by myself, car still needs a tune to squeeze all it has out of the stock turbo, but winter is coming and might go BIG for next year. Love the car, love Neon’s and love being the underdog in a V8 society that can beat up on them in a 4cyl. NEON

  • This car was made in 2004 and I've driven it since 2008
  • The Dodge Neon (2nd Gen) was in production from 2000 to 2005
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New Pics as of 12/2019 she has 55k miles


2009 12.89@106


Some Dyno Action........... Non finalized tune 309/413 whp


New Brakes and swaybars


2004 SRT-4