Katana gets a whole new look! 

So November 28th couple of days after Thanksgiving, I was working for Uber and I just got done dropping of a client in Sierra Vista Arizona. On my way back I was 4 miles from Interstate I-10 when I came over on top of a hill when I came up on an accident that had just happend about 1 minute prior of me comming up over the hill.

It was about 7pm, just got dark, on a dark road, as I came over the hill a lady had just hit a cow in the middle of the road. The car was in the slow speed lane and had no lights on the car because the car had hit the cow and the cow totaled the car and ripped out the battery from the truck. The cow had flown over the truck and had landed in the middle of the high speed lane to where I was driving toing the speed limit at 65mph. I could not see the black dead cow as I came up over the hill and only 2 seconds to react and I hit the cow. I tried to swerve to the left out of my lane and the cow had ripped out my whole entire left passenger tire, the hub, spindle, and brake line and the car luckily landed on all 3 tires and the frame and I scidded down the road about a quarter mile down the road with no brakes. I was lucky that my car did not flip or roll over to where it would have probably have killed me. The car came to a stop and i am lucky to tell this story today.

Here are a couple of pics of the new Katana and here New Look!! I hope you like them, with more pics to come. I spent about $4,000 putting her back together with a brand new scat pack front end, and new LED nostril grill and lights to give her a whole new "meaner look".

Sincerely, Shea, Owner.

Total Cost: $4,000