Katech Street Attack Z06 SN#40 build thread 

We just started on this Z06 and since the forum is a little slow on projects I thought I would post a build thread to follow it's progress.

Vehicle: 2009 Z06
Package: Street Attack
Use: Street/HPDE
many options added

The vehicle arrived to our shop with Katech splitter, spoiler, side skirts, Hi-Tech hood in carbon fiber blended to paint, ZR1 roof, Halltech intake, exhaust and Brembo 15/13.6" brakes. It also has HRE P47 Monobloks.

The engine is torn down.

Block is in our CNC department getting piston squirters.

Seats are on their way to Caravaggio for Daytona (C6RS-style) conversion

Notice how the carbon fiber fades to color at the top of the louver. Whoever did this did a nice job.

Trans is on the way to RPM.

Mod list:
Street Attack LS7 engine
+piston squirters
+Katech oil pump
+ARE Stage 3
+NW 102mm TB
+Carbon fiber valve covers/Coil relocation kit
+Katech tensioner
Dewitts radiatorKoolmat tunnel heat shield
LS9X clutch
RPM Level V trans/diff
+Quaife differential
Moton ClubSport coil-overs
Pfadt Competition Sway bars
Pfadt pillow blocks
Pfadt poly bushings
Pfadt Camber kit
Caravaggio Daytona seats
Caravaggio steering wheel
Caravaggio horn pad
Caravaggio shifter boot/****
Caravaggio parking brake boot/****
Caravaggio center console lid
Shark bar
Schroth 6pt camlock harnesses
Halltech superbeehive
Katech undertray/brake duct kit

Watch out for this one at Track Attack.

I'll keep updating as the build progresses.

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